Roxanna Kuwen- foot juggler and circus artist

Roxana Küwen- Roxana Kuwen

Roxana Kuwen has 20 fingers and toes, and she uses all of them.

Roxana Küwen is a circus artist and juggler.  Born in 1989 in Northern Germany, she graduated in 2013 from Fontys Academy for Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg, Netherlands. She completed internships at the circus schools ESAC Brussels, Die Etage Berlin and Le Lido Toulouse. In her second study year she specialized in static trapeze and foot juggling.

Roxana’s foot juggling is especially amazing, due to the control and flexibility she shows with her feet.  In one of her signature acts, she seems to use four hands to juggle five balls.  The illusion of the feet as hands is extraordinary.

Roxana Küwen - Roxana Kuwen

Profile of Roxana Kuwen from a Dutch magazine

She has a solo show called shift that uses her circus techniques to tell a story about a girl who seems to be normal, but then manages to defy expectations and perceptions to become her own person.

Roxana also teaches trapeze and foot juggling.  Her teaching work focuses on movement research, exploring individual methods of juggling and movement, and how to find your own body language and expression with the aim of leading to the creation of a personal style of working, and creativity in creation of new acts.

This is a profile of her when she was a student in the Netherlands, and still working on her work.

If you read the text you can see that she is very interested in political and feminist theatre/circus.






Here’s a video of her work that shows her foot juggling at its best.This video has over 2 million views on Youtube, and for good reason.


And here’s the promo video of her solo show, which according to her website is approximately 25 minutes long.

To find out more about Roxana’s work visit her website:


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