CircusTalk: LinkedIn for the worldwide Circus Community

I’ve recently joined a new social network. If you are reading this blogpost, you may be interested in it also.  It’s called CircusTalk, and it’s a professional social network for circus performers worldwide.

The basic idea is to use the same kinds of digital tools that other professions use, but gear it towards circus.  It’s LinkedIn for circus!

Once you join and register/ login, you can create pages for your acts, your shows, your media, etc. It’s pretty straightforward to add video and photographs to your pages, as well as media mentions, awards, technical specifications, and other information.   You can also follow other people, peruse the news pages (which combine circus news from around the world with reviews of shows) and look through the jobs board, which contains jobs around the world.


Jobs and auditions on

The network is new, so there aren’t tons of jobs on the site yet.  If you look through them,  you can see the breadth of what people are looking for.  It’s easy to imagine if the site did contain every circus and performer on the planet, what kind of impact this would make.  Looking through the jobs for example, they have recently had listings for an outdoor circus in the Netherlands, the director of an Undergraduate circus ensemble in London, an aerialist instructor in Boston, and the director of social circus programs in Bolivia. Quite a spread!

In addition to your profile page, you can have multiple act pages, and also multiple show pages (if you do a whole standalone show)

Aerial Acts Listed on

Just some of the Aerial acts that are listed on CircusTalk

With any network such as this, it all comes down to users.  If people use it, it will become valuable. The content and the value is added by the users.  And by users, I mean you, the reader of this blog.

So go sign up for a profile already!

Find out more at

And you can find my profile at


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