The Never Ending Jango- documentary- world preview

Fools festival Barcelona 2022I’ve been attending the Festival of Fools here in Barcelona, which has been among other things a big send off to the Never Ending Jango Edwards, one of the principals of the festival for the last 50 years.  (For the history of the festival, check out this recent post about the latest book about it.)

Jango recently announced that he has terminal cancer, and that this will be his last festival.  (There was a scare about this maybe ten years ago, where Jango was reported already dead, which turned out to be highly false) but it looks like this report is based in fact.)

Despite this news, Jango is in good spirits and high energy, and even as his body fails him, he’s still putting out creative chaos (and exhorting others to do so). He has been referring to himself as Dead Clown Walking, and encouraging the audience to be free and to use their mostly powerful weapon to claim their freedom: their smile.   After all,  It’s right under your nose!
Jango Edwards

I haven’t seen every show of the festival (it turns out that when a festival is in your town, you have other obligations that you don’t have when you have flown in just for the festival). But I’m trying to see a lot of the festival, and do whatever hang out time I can with Jango, as (guess what) I may not have another opportunity.

NEVER ENDING JANGO makes world Preview

A new piece was just announced:  A preview of a documentary about Jango that has been 25 years in the making.  Titled “The Never Ending Jango” this collaborative work by Robert Nortik features never before seen footage of Jango, with over 500 hours of footage shot.  It was been meant to be released after Jango’s death, but Jango decided he wanted to take a public look before.

It’s tonight, so if you happen to be in Barcelona, you should definitely stop in.  How often will you get a chance to see a documentary about someone with that person sitting right there?  (Sadly, if these medical reports are correct, not much longer.)

Don’t miss your chance.

LOCATION: Foment Hortenc Calle Alt De Mariner 15, 08032 Barcelona
TIME:  8:00 PM

There is a trailer of the film from 2014. (You can’t watch it here, as it contains some copyrighted material, but it is available on Youtube.).
Click the below image to see it on Youtube.

From the trailer:  “Once you are clown, you can never go back.”

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