Drew the Dramatic Fool

Drew Richardson (Drew the Dramatic Fool) reinvents the ancient art of brilliant bumbling. As a youngster, Drew began performing magic and juggling to compensate for his shyness. Now he plays the fool to take advantage of his increasing baldness.

Drew‘s life-long personal tension between drama and foolishness gelled while studying Theatrical Clowning under the tutelage of John Towsen at Ohio University. Left speechless after his academic achievement, Drew continued his studies with Jacques Lecoq in Paris. After recovering from those experiences, Drew moved to Chicago, and finally Pittsburgh, where he currently lives.

Drew has performed in theaters and festivals all over the U.S.. Highlights include The Arden Theatre at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, The Palace of Variety in Times Square, and The NY International Festival Of Clown-Theatre at Westbeth Theatre Center. Drew has created five one-man shows including The Psychology of Clumsiness (twice picked as Critic‘s Choice by The Chicago Reader), and the current Help! Help! I Know This Title is Long, But Somebody’s Trying to Kill Me! (“Ingenious”—Chicago Tribune).

Drew wrote, directed, and starred in the short silent moving picture, The Guy Who Lived on a Chair, which was shown at The Chicago Short Comedy Video and Film Festival, Pittsburgh Film Kitchen, and Try It Quiet: New Silent Films presented by The Silent Film Society of Chicago. His one-minute silent movies (The Guy Who series) are currently showing in major motion picture theatres around the United States.

Drew has taught classes and workshops in Dramatic Foolery for colleges, universities, conferences, and theater companies. Drew has taught Dramatic Foolery workshops at such formerly venerable institutions as the University of Michigan, Roosevelt University, Columbia College, and The Art Institute of Chicago.

For more information about Drew’s work, visit his website:

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