Michael Lane Trautman

Michael Lane Trautman is an accomplished mime, an inventive juggler, and physical comedian/clown that has been performing since 1976. He has appeared at such venues as The New York International Festival of Clown Theatre, the Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal, and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, to name a few.

Michael trained under the tutelage of French mime Jacques Lecoq, and American mime Tony Montanaro. He has been an artist in residence at Mabou Mines Theater Company in NY, a director and teacher at Catholic University in Washington, DC, and a staple of the International Children’s Theatre Festival circuit. In 1999-2000, Michael headlined the Big Apple Circus Stage Show that toured throughout the country.

Michael currently has four shows that tour, each one designed for different markets, audiences, and venues:

THE STOOGE – A Troubled Clown For Troubled Times is a fully staged clown-theater play. Appropriate for theaters and theater festivals.

MY MISSPENT YOUTH is his solo variety show for theaters and schools.

VISUAL COMEDY is his solo “stand-up-clown” show, which is appropriate for fairs, festivals, corporate and trade shows.

WHAT’S THAT NOISE? is a sound effects show, intended for theaters and schools.

Michael lives in Portland Maine with his wife Judy,an accomplished set designer.

He has recently started a School of Physical Theatre in Portland.

To find out more about Michael’s work, please visit his website:
WEBSITE: http://www.solotheater.com

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