Dan Berkley

Dan Berkley, is a physicist turned clown. A math and science student at Bates College, until an unfulfilling internship at MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center made him rethink his choices. He decided in his senior year how to turn his hobby of juggling into a career.

Dan traveled to San Francisco to train at the Circus Center’s Clown Conservatory program. Under the direction of Jeff Raz, as well as other teachers and performers, Dan learned all he could about clowning and circus. Dan has since gone on to coach at Circus Smirkus Summer camp, clown with Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey’s Circus, and clown around at a variety of teaching and performing gigs.

Finishing a 2+ year stint touring with Ringling, Dan has now created Atomic Clown, LLC, a company meant to produce new work and organize his professional life.

His first production, Out of Orbit is scheduled to debut May 10th, 2007.

To find out more about Dan’s work and to see his show, visit his website listed below:
WEBSITE: http://www.atomicclown.com

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