Ultimate Clown School- August 2007 NYC

The NY Goofs will be presenting their Ninth Annual Ultimate Clown School this summer.

August 6 – August 18, 2007
New York City
Week One: August 6-11
Week Two: August 13-18

This two week session offers an intensive course of study in the art of clowning that is available nowhere else. Their faculty represents America’s top guides in the art of Clowning.

John Lepiarz
Also known as Mr. Fish, spent seven years performing in the Big Apple Circus, and is a Graduate of the Le Coq school of Mime and Clown in Paris.

Kim Winslow National Creative and Educational Coordinator for the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit, and has performed from Alaska to Bosnia and brings his unique talent to Goof school this year.

Core Faculty:
Dick Monday – Clowning
Larry Pisoni – Character Development
Hovey Burgess – Skills/History
Barbara Karger – Movement
Tiffany Riley – Eccentric Dance
Evelyn Tuths – Bouffon

Week One: (August 6-11)
The first week will focus on finding, building and utilizing the most crucial aspect of your clowning: CHARACTER.

Week Two: (August 13-18)

Week number two is a continuation of our work, or a stand alone session for
students who have previously attended our Goof School. The focus will be on material development.

Classes will be held Monday through Saturday from 10am-6pm.

Several nights of each week we will also have Open Workshops where students can work one on one with teachers on material and character. The end of each week will culminate in a performance by the students for friends and family.

Tuition for the full two week program is $1,350.00

Tuition for Week One only is $750.00.

Extra Discounts:
Register by June 1st with deposit and get $50 off the balance.**

Reserving a spot
A phone call will hold your spot until July 10th, which is the deadline for receiving a deposit of $200.00. This deposit will secure your spot in the class and is non-refundable. The balance is due on the first day of class. Please download our registration form and include it with your check, or email it if you are paying through paypal. Online Registration Form

Any questions call: 212.591.0028 or 866-596-GOOF or visit their website:

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