Sue Morrison

Sue Morrison has been teaching, directing and collaborating on Clown and Bouffon across the globe for more than 20 years. Her students are currently featured in Cirque du Soleil, Slava’s Snow Show, Blue Man Group, Second City and on other international stages. Sue trained with Second City and Keith Johnstone and performed improvisation throughout Canada and later became a Second City main stage writer/performer.

On a ‘quest to work from her heart’, she met Clown through Mask visionary Richard Pochinko, and after working with him for many years, he asked her to be his apprentice. Today, Morrison’s unique and powerful work brings together the diverse elements of Native American and European Clowning, Bouffon, le Jeu, and Improvisation, ultimately creating dynamic performance spectacles. Sue has been Artistic Director of the Theatre Resouce Centre since 1993. She has taught at the Dell’Arte School of Physical Theatre, and works regularly with the LUME company of Brazil. During the past 3 years, she has been a presenter at International Theatre Conferences in Brazil and Argentina. The Bravo Arts Channel aired Burnt Tongue, directed and co-written by Morrison and her work has been the focus of several international documentaries.

Sue collaborated on Absence of Magic, which was acclaimed by Time Out NY and the Village Voice. Other recent works in NYC include John Brown theatre’s, The Bastard American Show, and creator of the popular bouffon, Red Bastard.

Sue regularly teaches workshops in Toronto, London, and the US. To find out more about her work, please visit her website listed below:

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  • I´m from Uruguay and I´m so happy because my daughter Andrea is just now taking a course in Toronto with such incredible woman¡ My daughter is always telling me by her mails that all the moments hat she lives through this course are so movilizer to her soul , that she is each day very ,very happy and greatful for been there and so I am . THANKS SUE ¡brolight

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