Dell’arte MFA program in SF June 13-15

Although this deals with tragedy, and not circus/clowning per se– the way that Dell’arte trains and deals with tragedy/melodrama is related enough to clown for me to include it here. If you can see the show, check it out and report back!

Between Two Winters
Created by the MFA Ensemble of the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre

Catherine Tuttle, the accomplished and commanding mayor of Kalispell, MT, and her daughter, Naomi, travel to the deserts of Kuwait to honor a hero who was instrumental in extinguishing fires after the war in the Persian Gulf. During the course of the tribute, Catherine and this man recognize one another and now must reconcile a past they both have spent their lives running from. Between Two Winters is the culminating performance of the second year masters students in their study of the Tragic form.

Tragedy is a form that, at its root, pits the rational and ordered world against the world of terror and chaos. It deals with the human drive to step out of the chorus to stand for and proceed into the hero’s journey, unwilling to be passive anymore in a world that defies logic and reason. This sets the tragic hero onto an irreversible collision course with the unrelenting forces of fate that result in a crash of cosmic proportions.

Fri, Jun. 13 – 8:00P
Sat, Jun. 14 – 2:30P
Sat, Jun. 14 – 8:00P
Sun, June 15 – 2:30P

At The Magic Theatre
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Call 707-668-5663 to inquire about student, educator and group discounts
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