Goofs & Bongar at the Flea August 7-9

Michael Bongar, former Ringling clown, graduate of clown college and now one of the most well-versed and influential of the variety bookers in the NY Area, is coming out of retirement for one set of shows as part of a NY Goofs reunion night at the Flea Theatre. Billed as his “Farewell Tour”, I’m sure there will be lots of ribbing, poking fun, and that old-fashioned stuff… Oh yeah, comedy.

Other Goofs will also be performing, including
Dick Monday, Tiffany Riley, Hilary Chaplain, Mark Gindeck, Watson Kawecki, Joel Jeske, Evelyn Tuths, Michael Preston, Larry Pisoni, Mike Smith, Jay Stewart, Therese Schorn, Kim Winslow

AUGUST 7, 8 & 9
7 PM
Tickets – 212-352-3101

The Flea Theatre
41 White St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 226-0051
or visit

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