NY Clown Festival 2008 at the Brick

The schedule for this year’s festival has been announced.

clown_logoAlthough my time is limited this year (expecting a baby in late August) I plan on blogging for the festival as I did last year.

I’ll be previewing a bunch of the acts here over the next couple of weeks or so.

Looks like a very exciting lineup with a big international component.

You can find out more about the festival by visiting their website:



Fri, 9/5
4:30pm Clowns in Union Square Park
5:30pm Subway Parade from Union Square
7:00pm Pie Fight!
10:00pm Free Preview Cabaret

Sat 9/6
3:30pm Ten West
7:00pm Birdmann
9:00pm Little Business/Pants
10:30pm Ten West

Sun 9/7
3:00pm TBA
5:00pm C’est la Nuit
7:00pm Ten West
8:30pm CanCan/Pants/2 Chairs

Tue 9/9
7:00pm Big & Little/Magnifico
9:00pm Manifesto

Wed 9/10
7:00pm Manifesto
8:30pm Big & Little/Magnifico
10:00pm Birdmann

Thu 9/11
7:00pm Big & Little/Magnifico
9:00pm Manifesto
10:30pm Cabaret

Fri 9/12
7:00pm A Glass of Wine
8:30pm Little Business/Pants
10:30pm C’est la Nuit

Sat 9/13
5:30pm Running into Walls
7:00pm Magic Behind the Slapstick: Ben Model
9:00pm Birdmann

Sun 9/14
5:30pm C’est la Nuit
7:30pm A Glass of Wine
9:00pm Running into Walls

Tue 9/16
8:30pm Running into Walls
10:15pm Birdmann

Wed 9/17
7:00pm Nosdrachir Sisters
8:30pm A Glass of Wine
10:00pm The Big Bang

Thu 9/18
7:00pm Bury My Heart
8:30pm C’est la Nuit
10:30pm Cabaret

Fri 9/19
7:00pm Party of One
8:30pm Kill me Loudly
10:30pm Nosdrachir Sisters

Sat 9/20
2:30pm TBA
4:00pm Bury My Heart
6:00pm Nosdrachir Sisters
7:30pm The Big Bang
9:30pm Party of One

Sun 9/21
3:30pm Party of One
5:00pm Kill Me Loudly
7:30pm Bury My Heart
9:00pm Brazilian Hulk/Crow’s Funeral

Tue 9/23
8:00pm Number’s Up

Wed 9/24
7:00pm Soiree
8:30pm Brazilian Hulk/Crow’s Funeral

Thu 9/25
7:00pm Number’s Up
8:30pm Brazilian Hulk/Crow’s Funeral
10:30pm Cabaret

Fri 9/26
7:00pm 12 Hours
9:00pm Soiree
10:30pm Kill Me Loudly

Sat 9/27
5:30pm 12 Hours
7:00pm Number’s Up
8:30pm Soiree
10:00pm Free Cabaret

Sun 9/28
6:00pm Clown Funeral Procession (from N.7 and Bedford Ave.)
7:30pm Funeral Service (at The Brick)
8:00pm Closing Night PArty

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