FW: Call for Mourners: Brick Clown Funeral


Call for mourners!!  Please meet us Sunday at 6:15 at  Bedford Ave. and North 7th Street (Bedford stop of the L Train).  We will moan, sob, wail and keen our way to The Brick.  Where there will be a short viewing before the funeral service from Dzieci.  If you would like to make a brief statement about the soon to be deceseased please come prepared.

Where: Procession begins at Bedford Ave. and North 7th Street (Bedford stop of the L Train)Theatre Group Dzieci leads the funeral rite following, clown widows and widowers will remember with great passion the achievements of the festival in its 4 short weeks of life. Be sure to stay after the funeral rite for the traditional Closing Night Party.

He would have wanted it so


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