Rory Raven- Mentalist at the Frigid NY Fest

My friend Rory Raven is going to be at the Frigid NY festival. Rory is a mentalist who’s got a pretty good show. He’s been performing at Bright Night for the last few years, and he always rocks the house.

Although it’s not really a clown show or even physical comedy, there’s a fair amount of “mental comedy” in the show. And it’s at the Red Room, same theatre complex as the NY Downtown Clown Revue. Close enough for me!

Anyway, if you have the opportunity, check it out. (and you’ll get a discount too!)



Rory Raven will read your mind. Thoughts will be revealed, spoons will bend. This one-man show is an interactive tour through the world of the mind and its powers, both real and imagined ….

“A mind-reading, spoon-bending good time.” – Newport Daily News

“A mind-reading act that was quite a fascinating head-scratcher.” – Providence Phoenix

Thursday, Feb. 26, 9:00p
Saturday, Feb. 28, 8:30p
Monday, Mar. 2, 6:00p
Tuesday, Mar. 3, 10:30p
Saturday, Mar. 7, 2:30p
Sunday, Mar. 8, 5:30p

The Red Room
85 East 4th Street (between 2nd & 3rd), NYC

Tickets ($10) available through Smarttix (212-868-4444) or online at

FRIGID Press Contact: Emily Owens (972) 743-3746

Contact Rory: (401) 454-0977

More info about Rory:

Discount Code
When ordering you tickets for Brainstorming at Frigid Fest through Smarttix, use the discount/coupon code “CORVUS” for $2 off your ticket.

Corvus is Latin for Raven, of course.

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