Golden Nose Award Winners

I attended the Third Annual New York Downtown Clown Golden Nose Awards last night.

This now annual event was a lot of fun– not because of the awards (although it’s great to see deserving people get awards) but because of the community that has been created/nurtured by founders of New York Downtown Clown Christopher Lueck and Amanda Pekoe. It’s great to see all of these really funny talented people all in a room together. It’s even bettter to have a drink with them before (and after the show)

This year’s award ceremonies were a little different– there were only two People’s choice awards (that got voted on) and three number of honorary awards. The nose awards were designed by ProKnows


Hovey Burgess got a lifetime achievement award. Hovey, who is truly one of the instrumental early instructors of circus and clown, has been a constant presence in the NY Downtown Clown Scene. As one of the presenters noted– not only does he go everywhere, sees every show, but everybody likes him. He’s a tireless advocate for circus and clowning, and a great circus historian and archivist to boot.

Wearing a formal suit and a very large tie (not shown here) He told a very funny story about John Ringling North, Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, and Lady Godiva which ended up crediting LaGuardia for the development of pasties and a G string (he was the mayor that raided Minsky’s Burlesque) He also read the famous “But Dr. I am Pagliacci” joke from Watchmen in his best Rorschach voice. (It’s the old famous joke–a man goes to the doctor, who checks him out and says “There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s a famous clown Pagliacci in town– go see the show, and he’ll make you feel better.” To which the man replies in tears “But Doctor– I am Pagliacci!”)

Clowns Without Borders USA
received a Clown Organization of the Year award for their work bringing laughter and clowns to strife ridden places. I’ve featured them on this site a number of times. Deven Sissler, who had just come back from Haiti, accepted the award on behalf of the organization. For more information on the great work they do, visit

Dick Monday and Tiffany Riley of the NY Goofs Received the Clowns of the Year award for their dedication and enthusiasm for clown arts. They’ve been teaching clowning in NY for over 10 years, and though they are now based in Dallas, they are also truly integral members of the NY Downtown Clown Scene. For more information about their work, visit


Audience Choice Best Clown Act
Musique, by Joel Jeske, Mike Richter, and Christopher Lueck
Eccentric Dance and Hat Act
, by Spencer Novich
Kill Me Loudly: A Clown Noir
, by FOOLS ON FIRE (Butt Kapinski, Chris Manley, ChrisRoberti and Jeff Seal, Dir. Eric Davis)
The Pajama Men
, by Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez

Audience Choice Best Clown Character:
WINNER: Spencer Novich

Emily Carragher
Nina Levine

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