Gamarjabat at the New Victory Theatre May 9-24.

Gamarjobat is an award-winning comedy performance group comprising two Japanese comedians, Ketch! – who sports a red mohawk – and HIRO-PON – with a yellow mohawk.. The duo perform a variety of sketches, including mime and physical comedy. Their performances are wordless.

Although they are not particularly well-known in their native Japan, they have found success performing in the United Kingdom, winning awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

They have also appeared on television in the UK . In February 2009 the BBC broadcast a TV pilot Ketch & HIRO-PON Get It On.

They are making their U.S. flipper-flapping debut in their new show, ROCK ‘N ROLL PENGUIN at the New Victory Theatre in NY May 8-24. In support of that show, they’ve been doing some antics and other stuff in and around Times Square.

Find out more: New Victory Web Page

GAMARJABAT WEBSITE: (English version)


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