Think Foolishly: Tips From a Pro

Drew Richardson, the Dramatic Fool, is hard at work again.

His blog, Think Foolishly, is currently featuring his takes on how to Think Foolishly. He’s got 60 great tips across five categories on how to create a clown logic for your work, how to enhance, create, or otherwise extend a clown routine in a logical and foolish way. He’s currently on #18, so you’ve still got plenty of time to read all of the tips before they overwhelm you.

With tips like # 13: Give Up and #12 Never Give Up, you can see that you are in for a little bit of a blender ride. Although he doesn’t specifically say so, I think it’s safe to assume that you probably shouldn’t do ALL OF THESE AT ONCE. (although that might be very funny) But as one of my teachers Daniel Stein would say, “If you follow all of the rules of great theatre, you are guaranteed to make mediocre theatre.”

If you are looking to transform one of your clown ideas, try approaching the problem from one of these 60 ways, and see if that changes how you are feeling about your potential clown idea. If that approach isn’t working for you, try another. Maybe even try two at once. After all, you’ve got 60 potential keys to unlock the secret to your new routine, and one or more of them might solve the problem. Well, right now there are only 18 ways, so maybe you should just wait 40 days before doing anything else… then come back to your creative difficulties (if you can remember them)

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