Flaming Idiots at New Victory now through January 3- Discounts!

I saw this show today, in the midst of my wacky craziness.

(One of my very good friends is their stage manager.)
The show is delightful- funny, quickwitted, and well-done.  The Idiots are legendary on the RenFaire circuit, and this show shows them off quite well.  Still going after 20 years– their show is even more finely honed.
Some jugglers are about juggling, but these jugglers are about comedy.  In fact, if you are a juggling aficianado, you might be disappointed.  Not that there isn’t some great juggling in the show, because there is.  But the juggling is stuff you’ve seen before (admittedly, very well done)
It’s the comedy that makes this show great (and at $12, a steal)
This is the first time I’ve seen pedological leger-de-main, and it’s simply beautifully done and handled. And hilarious.  (You want mayonaise with that?)
And they get a nine year old girl to kick the droppers of a complicated passing routine in the shins.  Very funny.
Go see it, you won’t be sorry.
To get your discount:

For a limited time only, Playbill® Members can save 20% with code PBIdiots1700.


1) Click here to visit NewVictory.org

2) Call 646-223-3010 and mention code PBIdiots1700.

3) Show this offer to the New Victory box office.
209 W 42nd Street, just west of Broadway
Box office hours: Sun & Mon: 11am – 5pm | Tue – Sat: 12pm – 7pm

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