Rotten Plantains Kill! And they are back for 8 more!

People apparently like Rotten Plantains.

By popular demand, CIRQUE DU SOLEIL’s favorite clowns will be back for more! Claudio from Verekai, Patrick from Banana Schpeel and their amazingly hilarious friends will be at 45 Bleecker Theatre until the end of August.

The Rotten Plantains will kick off another 8-show run (appropriately) on Friday, the 13th.

Tickets are $15; find them on or call the theatre at 212.260.8250.

The show dates and time are as follows:

Fri Aug 13 10:30pm
Sat Aug 14 10:30pm
Sat Aug 20 10:30pm
Thur Aug 26 10:30pm
Fri Aug 27 10:30pm
Sat Aug 28 10:30pm
Sun Aug 29 4pm
Sun Aug 29 7pm

The theatre has a bar so be sure to get there a few minutes early to ensure that you are properly  lubricated before inserting the Rotten Plantains into your cranial cavity.

45 Bleecker Street (just East of Lafayette Street) New York NY 10012

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