NY Clown Theatre Festival 2010: Neon Lights


This show relies heavily on the charms of the two actors, and it largely succeeds. Jeff and Chris (or shall we call him Buttons) are a good match of energy and demeanor. They both are unmistakably clowns, but with a downtown urban air. They are both not traditional showman, but have a studied non-chalance that suits their po-mo vaudeville aspirations.

They have a lot of hilarious moments playing off one another. A couple of the routines seem to be a little too long, but it’s always a balancing act when you are putting together a variety show that has lots of improv in it.

Overall this was a delightful show with two charismatic performers who really play their characters to perfection. I hope they have the opportunity to now play their routines to perfection also. Well worth catching somewhere else if you can.

Jeff Seal & Chris Manley
New York, NY
Jeff and Buttons have TONS of new material and now they have their own show so this should be a cinch.  Their comedy harkens back to the golden age of Vaudeville (1925-late 1925) with updated and reworked laughs.  Their new PoMoVau show, Neon Lights is all you need to know about Vaudeville and ol’ timey crack ’em ups.  They’re also idiots.  Chris Manley (Buttons) is a member of “New Excitement” and has appeared on Comedy Central.  Jeff Seal is a four-time Golden Clown Nose nominee and has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman.  Both of them co-wrote and acted in Kill Me Loudly: A Clown Noir.  Directed by Danny Manley.  60 min.

Wednesday, September 8th @ 8pm
Monday, September 13th @ 9pm
Saturday, September 18th @ 8pm
Wednesday, September 22 @ 7pm

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