Mask Workshop with Arne Zaslove: Oct 23-24 (SF)

6 Emotion Masks Created by Melody Anderson

Emotion Masks used by Arne Zaslove created by Melody Anderson

I studied with Arne in 1995 and he’s very knowledgeable and an excellent teacher.  I’m sure he’s gotten better with age!  To the left are examples of the masks he uses.
Workshop Description:
The ability to imagine yourself into someone else’s psyche and physicality is profoundly supported by working with masks. Whether your theatrical projects are masked or unmasked, Arne Zaslove’s approach will help you develop the flexibility, observation and imaginative freedom to change with confidence.

Moving from simple yoga-based exercises through to ensemble improvisation, this workshop will liberate your physical expressiveness and your creative contribution to a scene. Among the masks used is a set of emotion masks inspired by the work of psychologist Paul Ekman, and created by master mask-maker Melody Anderson.

Arne ZasloveInstructor Bio:
Master Teacher Arne has been a consultant for Cirque du Soleil in clowning and physical performance for Kooza, Delirium, and Corteo. In a 40-year career as a theatre director and a specialist in physical theatre, Arne has directed hundreds of theatre pieces from Shakespeare to solo clown performances. In his 20-year
tenure as Artistic Director of the Bathhouse Theatre in Seattle, he created many collage or devised shows, in which a seamless evening is woven together from diverse material and unique skill acts. He brought his expertise to the Pickle Family Circus in San Francisco, creating the show Café des Artistes, served
as director of Pomp, Duck and Circumstance, a circus-cabaret-restaurant in Berlin, and directed Teatro ZinZanni in Seattle. He has served as creative consultant to internationally renowned performer David Shiner, and Commedia dell’ Arte consultant for the musical The Glorious Ones (by the team that created
Ragtimefor Broadway), which premiered at Lincoln Center in 2007.

October 23, 24: Arne Zaslove – Mask Workshop
Saturday from 10:00-4:00
Sunday from 10:00-4:00

Class size limited to 25 people
Please enroll by October 20

Cost: $150 for general public; $75 for SF Circus Center students & clown conservatory graduates
Registration: Sign-up online
or call 415-759-8123

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