Mime Classes in NY start November 9

Street Mime #1
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an ongoing open class for actors, clowns, dancers & variety arts on all levels
Taught by Stanley Allan Sherman
Tuesday Mornings
10:15 – 11:30 AM  Nov. 9 – Dec. 21 (optional personal warm-up starts at 10:00 AM)
$15 per class
Pier Studios at Pier 40, Hudson River Park, NYC

For information and reservations contact: [email protected] or call 212-243-4039

Mime, playing with silence, is used throughout our entertainment industry. This joyful art form should be clear, clean, understandable and often simple when used. It is always good to brush up and enhance your mime skills every once in a while.

Areas of Concentration: pointfix, strengthening spatial & object awareness, manipulation, dynamics of movement, illusions (i.e. walking, running, etc.), pantomime blanch, playing with silence, balance, improvisation, mime performance, various techniques stylized and unstylized.

“Look how the very back of Carlin has expression! The art of playing with the mask, then, is not conceivable without a perfect knowledge of pantomime.” – David Garrick (1717 – 1779) upon seeing famed Arlecchino played by Carlin Bertinazzi (1710 – 1783)


Stanley Allan Sherman & Mime
Ecole Jacque Lecoq Theatre Mime Movement – 1972 graduate

Known for Commedia dell’Arte and masks; starting in 1972 Stanley performed hundreds of mime shows in schools, odd stages, 3000 seat rock concerts and theaters. In 1975 coming to NYC, performing his own style of street mime on Wall Street and Nassua in front of the Federal Treasury Building with 5 to 6, 20 to 30 minute full shows over the Wall Street Lunch hours. He created the Aero Show, Featuring the Star Spangled Banner running 6 months in LA, Critic’s Choice in the LA Times, receiving rave reviews around the country and touring until the mid 90’s.

In the acting world Stanley’s mime skill is very useful, being Off Broadway for 3 ½ years in Grandma Sylvia’s Funeral and appearing on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on NBC 41 times. It was partly the mime skill that made the comedy bits work on Late Night. After one rehearsal on the set Stanley went back to the greenroom and fellow comedy bit players asked, How did you do that entrance and exit? It was hysterical! The answer, many years of performing, mime – playing with silence. It is what we do and how, which is selling many moments in film, television, stage and the many venues – variety performers perform.

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