The Clown Un-Masked: Jim Moore

The ever wonderful photographer Jim Moore has a new series of clown photos that he has been making (I say ever wonderful, which is true, but I may as well say ever-present, as this guy is at every  show I see, plus a great many I don’t.  I bet there is not another person (except for maybe Hovey Burgess) who sees as much clown theatre in NY as Jim Moore. )

But I digress.

Jim has a wonderful new series called “The Clown Un-Masked”  Here he takes photographs of clowns in and out of their character(s), trying to get at the essence of who they are both as performers and as people (which for many clowns, can be strikingly different than they appear on stage.)  Clowns that have been featured so far in the series include John Leo, Kevin Carr, Audrey Crabtree, Eric Davis, Keith Nelson, and the cast of Clowns Ex Machina.  I’m not sure who else will be featured upcoming, although he must be asking everyone, because he even asked me!  My feature will appear sometime in January, once things calm down on my New Year’s Front.

Audrey Crabtree, Un-Masked. Photographs Copyright by Jim Moore.

Kevin Carr, un-masked.  Photographs Copyright Jim Moore.

Kevin Carr, un-masked. Photographs Copyright Jim Moore.

See the full  series at

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