Clown Summit 1/31-2/4- ONLINE AUDIO INTERVIEWS

Christopher Lueck, the man behind the New York Downtown Clown Revue, has a new project that he’s calling the Clown Summit.

For the next five days, he’s going to release 1 free interview a day  that he’s done with master clowns, talking about American Clowning past, present, and future.  The interviews will be available for 24 hours only, for free, on his website (listed below)

To listen you must sign up with your email and first name.  Afterwards, you will be able to purchase the interviews as a whole set for $10, which will include an e-book transcript and a discount at an online clown store.

Here’s the schedule of the interviews.


INTERVIEW 1: 1/31/2011 Chuck Sidlow and Mitch Freddes

Clowns from the golden age of Circus Clowning. Mr.Sidlow is co- creater of CIRCUS SARASOTA’S “LAUGHTER UNLIMITED” HUMAN SERVICE PROGRAM and was the youngest boss clown on Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus


INTERVIEW 2: 2/1/2011 Michael Christensen

Co-founder of the Big Apple Circus and Creator of BAC Clown Care Unit


INTERVIEW 3: 2/2/2011 Barry Lubin

Big Apple Circus’s Grandma and Clown Hall of Fame Member


INTERVIEW 4: 2/3/2011 Avner The Eccentric

Master Clown and key player in the “New Vaudeville Movement”


INTERVIEW 5: 2/4/2011 John Gilkey

Master Clown and creator of many clown acts for Cirque du Soleil

Overall, it seems like a really interesting project.  I haven’t heard the interviews, but I’ll definitely be listening.

To signup, visit


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