Hamlet, the Clown Prince of Denmark

I’ve been reading rave reviews of an Indian show called Hamlet, the Clown Prince of Denmark. It’s directed and conceived by Rajat Kapoor, an Indian actor who in the west is best known for his role as the sleazy uncle in Monsoon Wedding, but who has a wide range of films as both a director and an actor (as E. Nina Rothe of the Huffington Post says, “Think of him as the South Asian Eric Rohmer, a label that even Kapoor himself approves.”)

The plot of the show is simple and typical of most “Clowns meet shakespeare” productions.  A bunch of clowns attempt to put on a classic work, and in the process they make a mess of the work, sometimes misinterpreting the text, sometimes making a mess of the order of things as if the pages of the script got mixed up, sometimes confusing their own lives with their fictional characters.

I don’t think it’s coming to the states anytime soon, but if it does, I definitely want to see it.


Bollyspice Review: http://bollyspice.com/view.php/5945-rajat-kapoor-s-hamlet-the-clown-prince.html

Blog: http://hamlettheclownprince.blogspot.com/ (reviews & photos)

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  • Thanks for quoting me in regards to a favorite production of mine “Hamlet: The Clown Prince”. Do friend me on FB or find me on Twitter and I’ll keep you updated if Kapoor’s play does indeed come to the US. Hopefully…
    All the best!

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