Clowns Ex Machina Show Work in Progress May 21, May 25 (NY)

Clowns Ex Machina’s newest creation, CLOWNS FULL-TILT explores familiar, 2-D representations of women – famous paintings, everyday advertisements, the stock characters of film and television. Compressed layers of representation spring to absurd and symphonic life onstage – no flat medium can stop a clown who wants to bust out!

(and once again, not CLOWN SEX MACHINE, although their URL looks like it)


Carla Bosnjak, Julie Kinkle, Michaela Lind, Diana Lovrin, Clare O’Sheeran, Aly Perry, Lucia Rich

Created and directed by Kendall Cornell in collaboration with the ensemble.


Clowns Ex Machina Present 2 workshop presentations of FULL-TILT

Saturday, May 21st, 8pm
THE HATCHED Sequel Series
Jennifer Muller/The Works Studio
131 West 24th Street, 4th Floor
$15 (reservations recommended!)

Clowns Ex Machina shares the stage with choreographers Koryn Wicks and Kensaku Shinohara
RSVP and info: 212-691-3803 or

Wednesday, May 25th, 8pm
150 W. 30th Street, 14th Floor (between 6th and 7th)
8pm followed by Talkback and Socializing
$5 suggested donation (or Roll the Dice!)
For more info:

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