Wavy Gravy’s 75th Birthday Bash at the Beacon on May 27 (NY)

Something Good for a Change: Random Notes on Peace Thru LivingWavy Gravy, Clown Prince of Woodstock, and perennial ice cream flavor, is turning 75, and he’s doing it in style. He’s holding a benefit for the Seva Foundation, an organization that helps give the gift of sight to lots of under-privileged kids around the world. The bash will feature performances by Steve Earle, Ani DiFranco, Dr. John, Buffy Sainte- Marie, and Jackson Browne, among others.

Wavy’s book, Something Good For A Change, has an apocryphal story. In the early 90’s he ran for (and lost) for city council of Berkeley, CA. His poster was him in his tie-died clown foolery, with something underneath that said “Wavy Gravy has a long history of standing up for what he believes in. His opponent hasn’t even been to jail once!”

Don’t miss Wavy and his friends come through town.  (And if you go, wear clown makeup!  Wavy will love you for it!)
More info about Wavy:  http://www.wavygravy.net/

May 27
Beacon Theatre
Broadway at 74th St., New York, N.Y.

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