I Love Lucy too!- 100 fantastic years!

Click Image to see the Complete Series on Amazon.com

It’s Lucy’s Hundred Birthday Party… Here’s a few great clips from the show.  There are far too many to post them all.  If you want to see all of them, you should get the complete series on Amazon.  Right now they are having a super big sale– $140 for the complete series (normally $249)  It’s well worth it! It looks like you can also get it for as low as $110!)

Lucy is hands down, one of the funniest people to have ever graced our planet, and she was shrewd too.  She owned her production company, and didn’t let people profit off her without her profiting also.    You couldn’t pick a better person to emulate, if you are a physical comedian. (and I mean that male or female)


Chocolate Factory


Having a Baby


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