Trav S.D.’s American Vaudeville Theatre

I’ve been remiss– this blogpost was supposed to go out LAST WEEK! Sorry!  You’ve got three more chances to see the show!

If you are a careful reader of this blog, you know who Trav S.D. is.   Even if you are not a careful reader of this blog, you probably can’t help to have seen his name on the right hand side where we keep the most esteemed and excellent links. Or mentioned with awe, amazement, and reverence in these pages.  And if you are a performer that has spent any time in NY, there remains a great probability that Travis has employed your skills and talents.

Among many other things (including author, playwright, historian, p.r. guy, radio guru, and even some less savory activities), Trav has been a producer of vaudeville and similar amalgamations of talent for over 15 years.  This year he’s marking the fifteenth anniversary of his American Vaudeville Theatre with a run at the NY International Fringe Festival.

Here’s his Fringe description:

American Vaudeville Theatre 15th Anniversary ExTRAVaganza
Trav S.D./ Mountebanks
Writer: Trav S.D.
Director: Trav S.D.
Choreographer: Becky Byers
Long time downtown impresario and author Trav S.D. hosts the 15th anniversary edition of his popular vaudeville show, mixing the hottest contemporary variety acts with his own Topsy-Turvy songs and comedy sketches, wrapped in a distinctly pre-21st century package.
2h 0m   Local   Brooklyn, New York
Vaudeville/Sideshow/Magic/Burlesque   Comedy

VENUE #14: Bleecker Theatre   
Sat 13 @ 3:30  Wed 17 @ 9  Sun 21 @ 5:30  Wed 24 @ 4:15  Fri 26 @ 7:30

The show’s will feature some of New York’s finest variety artists, and each show is different.  You can visit Trav’s amazing blog Travalanche to get all of the particulars.

I want to also point out on the blog something that Trav has been doing on his blog as well– profiling EVERY performer that he’s presented over the last 15 years in a series called  STARS OF THE AVT.  Your humble correspondent is #62 on that list.  More importantly, this list of people is really a catalog of a lot of my friends and co-artists, but it’s also an astounding compendium of most of the variety artists that have worked in NY over the last 15 years.  Not everyone, certainly- no list can be THAT complete in such an unregulated field.

But when the history of Variety performers in NY during the tumultuous times we live in is written 200+ years from now, I have no doubt that this will be a piece of manna from heaven for some researcher’s PHD thesis. (assuming all of those things still exist)  Trav S.D., looking out for future academics today!

You can scan through the STARS OF THE AVT by clicking here. This should give you the list, sorted backwards.

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