White at the New Victory Oct 12-Nov 13 (NY)


WHITE an under 5's Scottish production, will be in residence at the New Victory Theatre for 1 month.

This looks to be another great show for the under 5 crowd at the New Victory.  Not quite clown, but theatrical. It is produced by Catherine Wheels, which is a Scottish Children’s Theatre Company.
It won a number of awards at this year’s Critics’ Awards for Theatre in Scotland, including Best Production for Children and Young People, Best Design and Best Technical Presentation.  The design is by Shonne Reppe, who was at the New Victory earlier this year inPotato Needs a Bath. (link to review)


Photo from the production WHITE. Photo by Douglas MacBride.

THE PREMISE:  Cotton and Wrinkle lovingly care for their orderly world, working hard to hide any hint of hue.  But keeping things pigment-free proves problematic for the beanie-wearing buddies.  Take a seat on comfy cushions for an offbeat and innovative adventure where birds sweetly sing, music merrily plays, feathers float and, at night, the tidy town gleams with twinkling prisms.  Then, a surprise arrives, sparking shouts of joy as kids’ favorite colors burst onto the scene, one by one.

White is directed by Gill Robertson (Hansel and Gretel, New Victory 2009).  Design is by Shona Reppe (Potato Needs a Bath, New Victory 2011) and the Composer is Danny Krass.  Performers include Andy Manley and Ian Cameron.

We’re going to go this weekend, and report back!

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