RIP Pat Cashin- Taken far too soon.

Pat Cashin

Pat Cashin in one of his many personas

I’m feeling very down.  My friend Pat Cashin unexpectedly died yesterday. He hadn’t been feeling well for about 10 days, doctors thought it was a viral infection of some sort but couldn’t find anything definitely wrong, his wife and kids went out to get groceries and when they came back he had passed away.

He was a very funny clown, an acerbic wit, a great champion of historic clowns and clown history (he recently championed a cause to get Slivers Oakley, a long dead circus clown, a gravestone.) He was also one of the kindest and most genuine Santas on the market. While he was telling me about his work as Santa, it made me want to be a Santa (although I have yet to do it)

Pat had revived an old fashioned clown car act, and owned the trademark and rights to Captain Kangaroo, which he was trying to figure out how to bring back.

UPDATE:  A Go Fund Me account has been established for Pat’s kids.  Please support it.


He was also a great dad.  He leaves his wife Terry, but also two great kids ages 13 and 7. He was constantly telling stories on facebook about the kids and the funny/amazing/weird things they said or did.  His older son is rocking all kinds of science stuff, just finished Jr. Police Academy, and his younger son is just plain creative and funny. He called them by creative names (The Frinkle and the Sauce)

They were direct reflections on him and his curiousity.

Our parallels were very strong in lots of ways.

Pat was just under 50, and like me, a clown, a stay-at-home father, a clown blogger (his clown blog was in no small part an inspiration for my own , and a dreamer.

Like me, his marriage was featured in the NY Times twice.

Coney Island wonder wheel 2012- with Pat Cashin

My son and Pat’s son Jamie at Coney Island in 2012

When I lived in NY, we hung out less than we should have.  He lived in NJ about 1.5 hours away.  We had a memorable kids playdate at Coney Island a few years back, and a couple of late night meals, eating too much bad stuff and talking about clowns, comedy, circuses, old acts, newer acts, and business.  We laughed a lot, we argued some, and we debated back and forth on the merits of various comedians, how old kids should be to watch classic superhero shows, and how best to blot out stupid people in the world using comedy as a weapon. In short, it was always a delight to hang out with him.  And I will miss it dreadfully.

Here’s a commercial that Pat did as the dad trying to buy rabbits.

This is the fifth or sixth friend that has passed away much too early. I know it is not meant as a personal message to me (because, as you are probably aware, the world does not turn for my benefit)  However, with all the parallels, I have to say it makes me nervous.


Pat Cashin as Santa

Pat Cashin as Santa

There but for the grace of God (or the many armed Spaghetti Monster) go I.

WTF, Life.

Go in Peace, Pat.  Or with a very funny rant about stupid people.  You decide.

Either way, I will miss you.


  • I have never heard or met Pat Cashin , but if someone can dedicate his life at making people laugh then in my book he is a great human being..
    The picture of him as Santa Claus let’s you see his soul through his wonderful kind eyes.
    I feel for his wife and two sons who must have adored him.
    John Hadfield , I am so sorry for your loss.
    Rest In Peace Pat Cashin.

  • A great piece about Pat. Life is way too short and the older we all get this really hits home. I was lucky enough to work with Pat on Circus Royale and on Saturday me other project. To say he will be missed is an understatement. A good guy that has left us too soon.

  • I knew him very tangentially; knew he and I shared NJ as a home state, new I went to RBBBCC some years before he did. We met at a DC Clown Cabaret and talked on the street, very late at night, for at least an hour about all of the above, plus Captain Kangaroo. I’m very sad about it.

  • A wonderful tribute. I had just talked to Pat recently and was working with him on the Oakley headstone project, and he’s been instrumental in moving the Oakley movie project forward. So, so sad. Please keep me informed of anything I can do to help. Email is below.

    Gene Wolande

  • I first met Pat at my daughter’s 2nd or 3rd birthday party in Old Bridge, NJ. Pat was a classmate at Carl Sandburg Middle school and good friend of my son’s. He wanted to be there to entertain the children and that he did. Through the years my son and he kept in touch and more so the past few years. I was immobilized upon reading my son’s FB posting that this young man had passed away. My most sincerest condolences go to his family…his wife, children, parents, siblings, and the numerous friends he has made all around the world with his cheerful love of life. Fly high with the angels Pat and make them laugh good!

  • Adam, thanks for the post. I was friends with Pat since high school and he would be grateful for the outpouring of respect that he is receiving.

  • Went to school with Pat. He was one if the kindest , funny and gentle souls on the planet. The way he shared his zest for laughter with others was so humbling. His adoration for his family was priceless. I will.miss his Facebook updates about his frinkle and sauce. How can this be fair? I just can’t understand…RIP Pat you will forever be.missed….xo

  • Was working with him fo get the Oakley memorial in place. So sad to hear this news. Good man. Great performer. Friend.

    1967 – 2016

    All of the Clown World is morning the passing of Patrick Cashin. On Sunday July 25, 2016, he was resting on the family couch. He complained of a bad cough and he had seen a doctor. His wife, Terry, and their two sons, Shane (13) and Jamie (6) went shopping and to a movie. On returning home they found Patrick on the couch where he had passed away from unknown causes.

    Patrick married his bride, Terry, in Madison Square Garden, NYC, on April 9, 1999 while on the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus. His two loves came together on that day.

    Patrick Cashin was more than a clown. Clowning was his passion and saving it as a historian consumed him. He was dedicated of the clown arts overseeing Pat Cashin’s ( Pat Cashin’s CLOWNALLEY.NET ) It was the spot where old and new clown information was shared and promoted. A virtual museum of clowning. He also served with the “International Clown Hall of Fame”.

    Since graduating from the Ringling Clown College he toured extensively with many circuses and shows. He owned the rights to the “Capt. Kangaroo” name. With his buddy, Jerry Huntsburger, Scooter, they performed with self thinking comedy car in the circus and parades.

    Funny Factory Singapore Clown Team, 1999.
    Top left… Patrick Cashin, Charlie Strone – stilt walker clown – South Africa, Mervin Dudley – yellow hat – Great Briton, Jimmy Brown – blue hat, Marta Gonzales – red hat – Puerto Rico, the late Dominic Rinaldo – yellow hat, and Vincent A. Pagliano.

    Patrick performed on the Funny Factory Productions team in Singapore in 1999. He was a part of that production company in numerous parades and events.

    Pat also served “Clownfest” as an associate with many duties in the back ground of the event. Including the “pie tossing” event for years. Patrick got his two sons into the parade just to please the boardwalk audience with their antics.

    Baby Clown Jamie and Dad, Pat Cashin.
    Clownfest Clown Parade,. Seaside Heights, NJ.

    Dan McCallum was in the parade clowning along with the rest of the gang. He approached Baby Jamie and… BAM! The Baby Clown whacked him over the head with a well aimed baby bottle as he should have. HA!!! Hhhhmmm, who taught him that?

    Patrick’s passing leaves a hole in our clown arts. He will be missed for his performances and the dedication to the art that he loved.

    A viewing will be held at Johnson McGinley Funeral Home on Monday, August 15, 2016. Visitation will be from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM and a service will take place at 6:00 PM. The funeral home is at… 2652 Route 138, Wall, NJ. (Information from Mrs.Terry Williams Cashin.)
    Vincent A. Pagliano, Chairman, National Clown Arts Project, Inc.

  • Rest in Peace Pat. We have not worked together for a long time but you were 100% a trooper.

  • Pat worked for me in my comedy troupe Improv Jam for a few years…he was quick, hilarious, and exceptionally giving onstage and off. He will certainly be missed.

  • I went to college with Pat. Funny funny human being. I just found our this second that he passed. So sad.

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  • Only just found Patrick’s old business card and decided to see what he was up to. I am so sad to hear of his passing. Have fond memories of Patrick working his magic with little children when he was Santa at the Galleria. He would spend time chatting with us in our store with his side kick Knucklehead. I also remember him as Tom Hanks character the conductor from Polar Express the children were so impressed with him as was I
    Rest In Peace Patrick i’m Sure you are making them laugh in heaven

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