Four Articulations Workshop: AUG 18-20 (Toronto)

I have been fascinated by American/Australian clown and performer Ira Seidenstein‘s Four Articulations Method for some time.

Michelle Cajoulet-Couture

While I haven’t had any direct interaction with the method, it seems to be a creative method using tools and exercises to become more physically articulate with your body, and thus allow yourself to use your full capabilities to express yourself.

Michelle Cajolet-Couture, a colleague/collaborator of Seidenstein’s and a graduate of Ecole Lecoq will be teaching a couple of workshops in Canada this summer which (among other things) will introduce Ira’s method “The Four Articulations” to students.




Four Articulations WorkshopPURPOSE
To give any artist from any discipline, experience, background or culture concrete tools to develop their AUTONOMY and CREATIVITY. An opportunity for everyone to tame their own creativity through simple exercises in a playful atmosphere.

Actors, clowns, mimes, dancers, musicians, circus artists, performers, poets or any curious souls, professional, advanced or beginner.

Every day will be divided into 2 parts…

A) Physical and creative training. Initiation to IRA SEIDENSTEIN’s method « The Four Articulations »: Articulation of Body, Articulation in Space, Articulation in Time, Articulation in Time-Space-Continuum.

B) Creation ex materia / ex nihilo. Directed work, solos and small groups with texts, clown routines, short scenes and creation from… Nothing! Every artist is welcome to bring any material they would like to experiment with: monologues, scenes, numbers, songs, ideas… Or to arrive with empty hands and an open heart, ready to work!


Ira Seidenstein.

To find out more about Ira Seidenstein and his work, visit

To find out more about the Four Articulations, visit


DATES: August 18, 19, 20 / 10am to 3pm
VENUE: LemonTree Creations studio, 58 Stewart Street (King and Bathurst) Toronto, M5V 2J5
COST: 50$/day or 130$/3 days
PARTICIPANTS: Minimum 4 / Maximum 12
UPDATE:  The class is also being offered in Montreal (July 21-23) and in Quebec (Aug 11-13).  The Quebec class is completely full, and the Montreal class is nearly full.  Those classes will be held in French and English.  To find out more, reach out to Michelle at the above email address.

There is also the possibility of a Chicago workshop, but the details are being ironed out.  More details when they become available.

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