Rik Gern is Bonzo Crunch, Fool at Large

Bonzo Crunch, Fool-At-Large (Rik Gern)Rik Gern (aka Bonzo Crunch) is a grassroots entertainer currently based in Austin, Texas.  He’s been working as a performer since 1978 in places as varied as Chicago, Texas, California, and Australia.


Rik Gern started performing in the mid 1970’s, and then studied at the Dell’arte School of Mime and Comedy in 1982 in Blue Lake California, where he developed his character Bonzo Crunch, who started off as a cross between  Rocky Balboa and the Cowardly Lion. The character has since evolved into a little bit of every clown character that he has ever performed.

In 1992 he attended Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Clown College.  He toured on the Red Unit in 1992 and 1993, and later served as a goodwill ambassador/advance clown for the circus in 2005 and 2006, traveling around the country on their behalf.




Bonzo Crunch (Rik Gern)Rik lives in Austin TX, where he performs shows in schools, libraries, hospitals, senior centers, and people’s homes.  His shows typically have some combination of magic, juggling, comedy, and music .  On occasion he also adds balloon animals and face painting into the mix.


He has been selected as “Favorite Kid’s Entertainer” by the readers of Austin Family Magazine.  He has also been working with two Austin organizations for the last 20+ years.  The Austin Symphony’s Summer program, “Children’s Day at Art Park” and “Fantastic Magic Camp“.


Rik got started as a clown when he dressed as Charlie Chaplin for Halloween.

“I went trick-or-treating as Charlie Chaplin and stayed in character the entire night,” he told an Austin newspaper. “I discovered a lot of people had grandparents who had seen Chaplin. They’d usher me into some back room and there’d be an old woman in a shawl and they’d say, ‘Look who’s here, Grandma!’ It was so fun. That Halloween triggered something.”

Rik/Bonzo Crunch can be seen in the Disney video, “Mickey’s Fun Songs: Let’s Go To The Circus” as well as the video, “Barney’s Super Singing Circus,” the picture book “Barney Goes To The Fair, and “Barney’s Super Singing Circus in Spanish“.


Find out more about Rik at http://www.bonzocrunch.com

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