Clowns Being Clowns… The Pass Along Video

Clowns Being Clowns: The PassAlong Video!

Sometimes clowns being clowns is enough to make a video about.

Inspired by the popular passing videos that are going around (especially the stuntman video) a group of Ringling trained clowns (myself included) got together and said: “Let’s do this!”

Planned in a private Facebook group, and organized by New York clown Joel Jeske and Florida based clown Chris Allison, nearly 49 performers each chose their ins and their outs and then matched them up. Joel Jeske matched them up as best as he could, and then each clown did his or her (or their) own thing, and a couple of people got asked to fill in to make the transitions happen.

Once he received all of the submissions (filmed in the right direction) Chris Allison cut it all together, speeding people up and slowing people down, adding sound effects and a soundtrack to end up with the finished project. On Facebook, in the first four days, it has been viewed over 45,000 times!

What you see in the video is trained funny people practicing their craft. I believe that every one of them trained at Ringling Clown College or worked on Ringling in one of the units.

(And by the way, I’m in it at the one minute mark, getting punched by a giant boxing glove.)


The video above was the original video, but it’s got some copyrighted music on it (the Benny Hill theme)  To make sure that at some point no one takes this down or starts throwing ads on it, we created a separate video with the same sound effects, but different (royalty free) background music) I wanted to document and attribute all of the performers in this video, and although not everybody gave me their website info, enough did to make it happen.

So watch the video above, and below here, I link to everybody who gave their info, with a video grab and a URL.

Enjoy the silliness!

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