ShowBiz BluePrint-The Black Edition

Barry FriedmanBarry Friedman was one of the most successful jugglers in the world. His group, the Raspyni Brothers, performed all over television (Tonight Show, Circus of the Stars, Regis & Kathy, etc), stages (opening for Robin Williams, Howie Mandel, Tom Jones, Steve Martin, Billy Crystal, Dean Martin, Bob Hope, and many others), and corporate gigs (over 100 of the Fortune 500 companies).

Since retiring from juggling, Barry has become one of the most sought after business coaches and motivators for entertainers and performers.  He created a course called The ShowBiz BluePrint, which challenges professional entertainers to re-think how they are getting their gigs and help them get more and better-paying jobs.

(I took a special COVID edition of the course from Barry this past spring, and Barry is a great motivator, and teacher, and all-around good guy.  My covid cohort still meets on a regular basis, even though the class ended months ago.)



Barry Friedman

Barry Friedman has taken the TED stage many times.

After the Black Lives Matter movement really hit home this summer, Barry took a long hard look at ShowBiz Blueprint and realized that he hadn’t done enough to nurture and take on artists of color.  that the alumni of his program were mostly white.

Barry wanted to do more, and so he tapped four of his alumni who are black to serve as a faculty for a special edition of the ShowBiz Blueprint, whose mission is to specifically support artists and entertainers of color.

The class will happen during the month of November.  November 6-8 there will be a set of intensive workshops, and the class will reconvene on November 21 for a wrap-up day. In between there will be coaching, meetings, and lots and lots of exercises.

I don’t know all of the details, my understanding is that the course will be offered at a steep discount to ensure that anyone can take the class.  (The website says that no one will be turned away for financial reasons.)

While I haven’t taken the full Showbiz Blueprint class, I am pretty sure that unless you already have an MBA, this course will rock your business practices.  (And even if you do have an MBA, Barry teaches some stuff that they don’t teach in business school)







To watch the live unveiling of this course, you can watch the replay right here:

Find out more by watching the video listed above, and you can apply to the course by visiting the website for this special edition of the course.  Apply soon.  This is an outstanding and great opportunity to study with and get inspired by a great coach who understands the business of show.

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