Harris Fellman: Funny Bald Guy

I’ve been coming to Barcelona for the past four years, and I’ve known Harris about that long.  He’s a business guy turned magician, who has been slowly and patiently creating a niche for himself here in Barcelona as a comedy magician.  He has (or had) an online store, a magic podcast, he plays standup comedy audiences as well as corporate gatherings, and even has started his own Hour of Magic at a local comedy club. I don’t think he does kid shows on a regular basis, he probably would if you wanted him to.

Harris Fellman Harris Fellman, The Funny Bald Guy, is the premier English speaking comedy magician in Barcelona.

What I really appreciate about Harris’s work (and now that I’ve moved to Barcelona, I’ve seen a fair amount of it) is that he really is fearless about trying new tricks, and about getting up and messing up a trick in the middle.  He’s a talented magician, but even when a trick occasionally fails to come off, he uses his personality to charm the audience so that it doesn’t matter if the trick succeeded– the audience has fun either way.

He’s got a lot of clown-like gags in his show, including a mind-reading llama puppet who goes by the name of Barack O’lama. He also does a pretty funny time-stopping act as he does impressions of a magician on Zoom, and a lot of little throwaway bits that are cheesy and easy, but charming when performed by Harris.

Espana’s Got Talent

Harris recently appeared on Spain’s Got Talent, and while he didn’t move forward, he got a great write up on the Telecinco website. (I’ve attached the translation below).

It’s particularly impressive, considering Spanish is clearly not his first language (despite having grown up in Miami and having lived in Spanish speaking countries for nearly 10 years)

See Harris’s debut on Espana’s Got Talent:

Harris is just about to embark on his first ever European tour– going to 9 cities, including Copenhagen, Vienna, Prague, and Budapest.  He’s going with a Science Comedian named Dr. Matt Murtha, who is also part owner of an English language Barcelona comedy club. (The Conedy Clubhouse, which is currently closed as they prepare to move to larger digs in the Born neighborhood)


Find out more about Harris:  https://funnybaldguy.me/

Here’s the article that he’s featured in, translated into English for Gringos like me!

Harris Fellman

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