Free video through February 5: Marcello Magni & Jos Houben

houben and magni perform in MarcelTwo of the original members of Theatre de Complicite , Jos Houben and Marcello Magni, opened the 2016 London International Mime festival with their show Marcel,

It’s a clown double act in which Houben, the tall, skinny figure of authority puts the shorter clown Magni through a series of demanding physical and mental tests.  What these tests are for, it’s never clear, but Magni solves the obstacles put before him with genius and clown logic.

Magni recently passed away (September 2022) so the Mime Festival is making their hour long show avalable for free screening through the end of this weekend.

When the Guardian reviewed this in 2016, calls the pair two of the world’s best contemporary stage clowns and says:

It’s a brief hour that gives the kiss of life to the ancient art of the gag, and it echoes not just to the laughter of this particular audience but of all audiences who, down through the ages, have laughed and recognised their own absurdity in the comic antics of the clown.

This is a must see! It’s a master class in engagement, listening, partnering, and physical comedy– not necessarily of physical genius,(though there is some virtuosity present) but of genius of character and play.    These guys have chemistry together and with the audience, and it’s a joy to behold.

Don’t miss it!

Here’s the trailer:

To watch the whole show, go to vimeo:
This link is only free through February 5, 2023.

More info about the London Mime Festival here:

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