666 at the Minetta Lane Theatre NY

Guillotine scene from the show 666

Guillotine scene from the show 666

666, a show by Spanish company Yllana that has played (and selling out)  for over 10 years in Madrid, is now at the Minetta Lane Theatre in NY. The show, mostly done without words, is a combination of bawdy humor, classic clowning, and downright demented stunts.  Set on death row, the four characters of 666 cavort, wheedle, play, intimidate, and entertain each other and the audience.  Lots of audience interaction, fake urine, prosthetic penises, and even a little nudity.

Great reviews at the NY Times and on this blog by Andrew and Andrew give a really good sense of the goings on.

Of course, you could always watch their promo video.

For more information and for tickets, visit their website http://www.666comedy.com

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