Silly Billy – David Kaye

David Kaye is a professional children’s entertainer based in New York City. Using comedy, magic, and balloon twisting, David entertains audiences of all ages. From the New Yorker to David Letterman, from Lincoln Center to Hong Kong, he has received high praise for his unique style. David has achieved great success in several different areas of entertaining children throughout his career.

Silly Billy is perhaps David’s most famous character. Silly Billy is a comedian for children who uses magic and balloon twisting as the medium for his comedy. His core audience is 3-8 year olds. One of his main attractions is that he is not only funny to the children, but he simultaneously delivers comedy for the adults in the audience. Silly Billy’s hilarious, edgy style took New York by storm. Years of successful magic shows at children’s parties led to widespread positive word of mouth. Silly Billy received loads of press including a feature story in the New Yorker, and being named New York’s best children’s magician by five different New York magazines.

Silly Billy became so popular that he had to turn people away because he was booked solid for months in advance. That was when he created The Funniest Clowns in the Whole Wide World. This children’s entertainment agency books other clowns to perform at Silly Billy’s overflow. This division has now grown to offer many different kinds of entertainment at many different price levels. Unlike other agencies, David individually trains and manages each member of his staff in his troupe. These highly skilled performers travel throughout the tri-state area entertaining children with magic and clowning.

David has also consulted with companies that want to know how to make children laugh, including Children’s Television Workshop (Sesame Street), and a multinational restaurant chain. He also writes a monthly column in a magic magazine about performing for children.

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