Call For Entries, NY Clown Theatre Festival

The second annual New York Clown Theatre Festival has announced a call for submissions that represent a large range of clown theatre forms and backgrounds.

The festival will take place Oct. 5-27 at The Brick, 575 Metropolitan Ave., between Union Avenue and Lorimer Street, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Clown teachers, clown show premieres, clown movies, solo and short pieces, experimental works, clown Shakespeare, sporting events, and reality shows are all expected to be featured at the three-week long event in early fall — not to mention clown pie-throwing wars.

Any clown theatre-related work from performers, practitioners, and teachers in the national and international clown community will be reviewed, including full-length, short, and individual shows. Shows may be geared toward any and all ages and audiences.

All application packets must be postmarked ASAP to The Brick Theater, Inc., c/o John Silberman Associates, 145 East 57th St., 9th Floor, NY, New York 10022. Packets must include an official application form; a script or detailed proposal of the performance; a representational video or DVD; complete biographies of all performers; and any press materials available.

For forms and specific requirements, visit For more information, call (718) 907-3457.

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