Will Shaw

Will Shaw is a skilled comic juggler and eccentric clown character. His routines generally feature juggling, unicycling, balance tricks, boomerangs, cowboy rope tricks, music, fire tricks, sight gags, clowning, audience participation, and…. a distinctly offbeat but sophisticated sense of humor steeped in the traditions of the great comedians from the silent film era to the present.

Will is the winner of the Bistro Award from Backstage , the theatrical trade paper, as one of New York City’s top cabaret performers. Nationally he is recognized from commercials for Pizza Hut, IBM, Carvel, Burger King, Anderson Consulting, Terra Internet and Sesame Street. Internationally, he has taken his show to Japan, Thailand, Liberia, Jamaica, Panama, England and Canada. He is affiliated with New York’s Big Apple Circus, representing them at a variety of special events and has been an instructor for the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus Clown College.

To find out more about Will’s work, please visit his website listed below:

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