Peter Daniel Straus

Peter Daniel Straus is an entertainer with multiple identities- clown, sketch comedian, writer, director, published author, illustrator, and probably a few other ones that I am leaving out. He has performed with a number of illustrious institutions, including the Metropolitan Opera, Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, Dance Theater Workshop, the National Theatre of Norway, and on Late Night With David Letterman, to name a few.

As the rear-half of the comedy duo, Dapo & Straus, he has appeared all around New York City and on Royal Carribean cruise ships. Previous to that, he worked as a clown-doctor with New York’s “Big Apple Circus Clown Care Unit”. And as a stage actor, he has recently been touring his new solo comedy show, BiG TiME in Norway. He is also the lead in a developing stage adaptation of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s The First Shlemiel, with music by Elizabeth Swados.

Peter also works as a creative consultant, director, and teacher. he has lent his experience as the “slapstick konsulent” to the National Theatre of Norway’s production of Alice i Eventryland. He created and directed the theatrical family comedy show, Dill og Diger, which toured Norway in the Fall of 2006, and is currently in development as a television program. Peter also has taught physical comedy, with students ranging from interested teens to the seasoned actors of the National Theatre of Norway.

Wearing a very different hat, Peter is also a published author. He is the illustrator-designer and co-author of MenOpop, the world’s first menopause pop-up and activity book. The book has been featured on a number of television programs and magazine articles.

Peter is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College, The British American Drama Academy, and Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College.

To find out more about Peter’s work, please visit his website listed below.

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