Circus Bambouk

Circus Bambouk is the brainchild of accomplished physical comedians Matthew Duncan and Brian Foley. Armed with the conviction that “two bald heads are funnier than one,” they have gathered their wits, instruments, and various toys and created a show that features music, juggling tricks, stunts, and classic jokes and clown routines. Based on the aesthetic of an old European circus, Bambouk has opened for acts such as the Drifters, the Platters, and Charo, and has been performed in China, all throughout New York City, and aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

The two principals of Bambouk are Mathew Duncan and Brian Foley

Brian studied acting and directing at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. He began his career as a clown in 1990 when he first performed for the Barnum Festival. Since then, he has been a featured performer in theaters, theme parks, cruise ships, ice shows, concerts, festivals, fairs, schools and small circuses internationally.

As a Broadway-caliber singer, Brian has several musical entrees. He plays the ukulele, the saw, handbells and on occasion, whoopee cushions. Brian is also a skilled magician and juggler, and has skill entrees that garner both laughs and admiration.

In addition to touring with Bambouk, Brian has a solo show that he performs for family and children’s audiences. You can find out more about Brian’s individual work at

Matthew was first asked by a policeman to stop street performing at age 14. Since then, he’s toured as a pianist with Little Jack Melody (with whom he did David Ossman’s original play love is a place: an e.e. cummings cabaret), recorded two albums with the Dooms U.K. and one under his own name (Human Cannonball!), written a musical/opera based on Fellini’s La Strada, and co-produced two Shakespeare plays with the Much Ado Circus. Matthew also has taught circus skills at circus camps and schools around the country and is an accomplished juggler. Matthew has permission from the state of Missouri to operate a motor vehicle. I couldn’t find a website for Matthew, but here’s Matthew Duncan’s One Man Circus on YouTube.

To find out more about Circus Bambouk, please visit their website listed below.

You can also watch this video from YouTube:

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