Barnaby King– Flawed Genius

Barnaby King is a performer, director and teacher based in Leeds, England, and is the Artistic Director of Yellow Belly Theatre, which produces diverse theatre projects in the UK and internationally. In 1996 he completed a Masters in Theatre Studies at Leeds University and went on to be Associate Director with the Theatre Company Blah Blah Blah for five years, directing and performing in plays for young audiences. During this period he also began working with Sue Morrison, first in the UK in 1999, then taking the full Clown Through Mask workshop in Toronto in 2001.

In 2003 he left the Blahs to set up his own company, Yellow Belly, and pursue freelance directing opportunities. That same year he won an Arts Council of England grant to make a show with Sue which became Flawed Genius. Since then he has toured extensively with the show around the UK, Canada, USA, Colombia and Peru (South America). Barnaby also teaches clowning and various performance and improvisational techniques in universities in the Leeds region and has given workshops in the USA, India and South America.

Barnaby’s show, Flawed Genius, has been described as like watching “Hugh Grant coming down off a bad mushroom high”. It’s a whirlwind tour of love, loss, frustration and triumph, via piano lessons, latin lessons, science lessons, tragic tales of stuffed birds and flown girlfriends. The show combines emotional intensity and honesty with a quirky post-modern absurdity and improvised interaction with audience that makes every show a unique and remarkable experience.

It’s received a lot of acclaim wherever it has performed.

Barnaby will be performing his show at the Minnesota & Iowa Fringe Festivals this summer. (unfortunately, the Iowa dates have already passed)

To find out more about Barnaby’s work, including his U.S. appearances, visit his website listed below:

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