Daredevil Chicken Club

The Daredevil Chicken Club is the combined talent and imagination of performers Anne Goldmann and Jonathan Taylor. Together with their extensive training in physical theater, circus, and clowning they continue to create unique performances that have been seen around the world. They have performed together on the street, on the stage and in the circus ring for the past nine years.

Their show features character driven physical theater and audience participation. A husband and wife team Mark and Svetlana Buttersworth share their story of being the best daredevil superstars the world has ever seen!(or so they imagine.) They combine absurd acrobatic moves, banana spitting feats, an eight foot high slackrope, and a Tango to make a 45 minute spectacle. This show has been performed in almost every environment, outdoor and indoor, and on three continents! This show is designed for ALL AGES.

Anne Goldmann has trained extensively as a gymnast, actor, circus performer, clown, and musician. She studied hand-balancing, acrobatics, and trapeze at the S.F. Circus School, and also trained with Sue Morrison at Clown Hall. She has toured North America performing Children’s Theater; performed in many theater productions ranging from Shadow Theater to Musicals with Robots; written, produced, and performed in an award winning Clown show, ‘Does This Mean Anything To You?’; and has performed in Cabarets and Street Theater around the globe.
Jonathan Taylor has trained in Physical Theater and Clowning, attending The Dell’Arte School of Physical Theater, Ringling Bros. Clown College, and at Clown Hall with Sue Morrison. He has performed in 10 countries from Circuses and Cabarets, to Festivals and on the Street. He is also a five year veteran performer of the Off-Broadway hit, BlueManGroup.

To find out more about the Daredevil Chicken Club, visit their website listed below:

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