November 9-11: Conference of Hospital Clowns in Buenos Aires

From November 9-11 there will be The First Congress of Hospital Clowns at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Buenos Aires to teach and talk about the art and science of hospital clowning. It will be in Spanish, and all the information is in Spanish, and my Spanish isn’t very good, so some of this info may be wrong– feel free to correct me, and I’ll correct the information)

The conference is being organized by two organizations: Payamédicos, and Clowns No Perecederos. Both organizations organize clowns and artists to help the sick and needy feel better in Buenos Aires. Clowns No Perecederos is a project of Argentinian clown Cristina Marti. I am not 100% sure (as I said, my Spanish isn’t very good), but I think they create shows that benefit hungry and homeless kids, and help feed malnourished children. Payamédicos is an organizations similar to the Big Apple Clown Care Unit that connects clowns into hospitals.

There is a full schedule of events during the two days, and it looks like clowns and doctors from Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Spain will be there. The conference will be in Spanish (naturally!)

To find out more about the conference, visit their website listed below:

To find out about the organizations sponsoring the conference, visit their websites.


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