Clown Jonas

Clown Jonas (aka Prosper O, aka John Ghysenbergh) is an internationally known performer from Belgium. He has performed in a number of countries, including an upcoming performance in Japan next week as part of the 3rd Yakumo International Theatre Festival. (See their website for additional information. (in English)

Clown Jonas uses juggling, puppetry, magic, music, and clowning to create his shows. In his street show, as Don Prosper O, he cleans up the street sort of like a Don Quixote of dust. He also has a musical clown show with another Belgian clown (Saxofien) called Allegro con Dysastro which features a number of musical disasters that the two clowns cause and then narrowly avert. There are several other shows as well that he tours through Belgium and internationally.

John is the founder and main teacher of Jonna Theater, a Belgian Youth theatre that teaches students workshops in clowning, t’ai chi, rhythm, theatre-making and much more. He has been teaching there for over 20 years, and has taught workshops internationally as well.

To find out more about John’s work, please visit the Jonna Theatre website listed below:
(PLEASE NOTE: The website is in Dutch, so may be difficult to follow. There is an English component to their website, but it’s not complete)

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