Think Foolishly

Drew Richardson (aka The Dramatic Fool) has been busy blogging. His blog– Think Foolishly, features exercises, comments, interviews, and examples of his work in the really hard work of the clown- creative problem-solving. Or, how to do stuff logically that’s just wrong, but doesn’t seem wrong to your character.

Sometimes when I’m teaching clowning and improvisation, I call this “predicamenting”– finding or manufacturing the predicament that your character (or characters) get into. It takes skill and talent to set up the proper scenario.

Over at Drew’s blog– he’s got several assignments to learn how to be a better predicamenter– the last one as of today was to build a “Foolish Tool Kit”– a kit that fits in your suitcase that can be used to solve (and create) a number of problems. His before and after photos are funny!

Also on the blog are film clips of masters (and of Drew’s latest work) , an interview with creativity coach Eric Maisel, and other exercises to help you Think Foolishly. Definitely worth checking out!

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