Cirque Photos from Chile

I used to belong to fotolog which was one of the original “Download your own photo” sites. Then Flickrcame along, and fotolog was having so many technical problems, and I jumped ship. I forgot all about fotolog, until I got an email telling me I had a comment on one of my old pages there. I checked out my old site at fotolog (which is still up) and noticed that there were a lot of comments on the site, and I started surfing, and ended up finding a very interesting photo site

It’s a guy from Chile who works a lot of technical stuff for Cirque du Soleil when they are in Chile. He’s got lots of great photos of clowns and Cirque du Soleil artists and him. The text is all in Spanish, so I can only guess what it says, but basically it’s photos of Cirque artists. It’s a great behind the scenes look at some of the performers/makeup/etc. (I’ve cobbled together four of the photos below)

To see more of these photos, visit the website listed below: You can also catch my OLD fotolog site (which is mostly NOT clown related) at the link listed below:



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