Call for Female Clown Shows- 2010 Festival (Austria)

Clownin, the biennial Austrian women’s clown festival ( I really like it in German- Clownfrauen Festival) will hold its third festival at the Kosmos Theater in Vienna, Austria from November 26-December 4, 2010.

 It is one of two other international women’s clown festivals (in Andorra and Rio)

Following the big success of their 2006 & 2008 festivals , they wish to continue to promote international exchange between artists, and display the full diversity of women clowns.  They also expect to host workshops, panels, and promote theory, pedagogy, and a healthy dose of networking as well.

They are looking for shows played mainly or only by women clowns for an adult audience- shows for children or only acrobatic presentations wil not be accepted.

They’ll choose about 12 evening shows and several short numbers (for the Opening and Cabaret-Program).

Applications are due March 31st, 2010

The curators for this festival are Pamela Schartner, Gaby Pfluegl and Kosmos Theater artistic director Barbara Klein.

For more information or an application


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