Big Underwear Social Tour Documentary Needs Help

Big Underwear Social Tour is a project of well-known busker/variety artiste Brady Bradshaw (Bobarino Gravittini)

Brady and a bunch of his international busker/variety friends are going to take their vaudeville show on the road aboard a tour bus that starts in Mexico and heads down to Panama.  15 Variety artists on a tour bus, which will serve as a mode of transportation, a home, a refuge, a courtroom, a middle ground in the highs and lows of life on the road.

The entire journey will be filmed for a documentary, and possibly shown on television.

Find out more about Bobarino at

Find out more about the tour at

And you can fund the documentary by clicking below.

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  • Alas and alack, the project ran out of time and did not get funded. I believe that the tour still goes on, just that the documentary didn't get the funding that it needed.

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